Friday, January 12, 2007

Long live the Mainframe

This story about how analysts from the Butler Group in England are predicting a growth in adoption of Big Iron is interesting for many reasons. The one that is pertinent to me is that I've been saying basically the same thing since the early 90's.

You see, first the Mainframes were dead because Client/Server architecture was the new way. When that crashed and burned (and it was a spectacular crash 'n' burn, too) the web started taking off. Now it's all about migrating off of the monster machines to clusters of server class systems. Sun was even marketing it's big @$$ server as a mainframe.

But the tech world is finding out that even with clusters and load balancing and Linux they still can't crunch data as well as a Mainframe can. They are even finding out that, gasp, COBOL is the best language for most of the data manipulation in the world.

All I can do is to imagine that my voice was one that people could hear. The IT world would be in MUCH better shape now.

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