Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Sansa Express: Best cheap MP3 player yet?

Sansa Express: Best cheap MP3 player yet? POSTED Tuesday, January 23, 2007 - "SanDisk has just released what looks to be the finest USB-stick MP3 player yet, the Sansa Express, featuring a screen and simple controls yet keeping the size and price point at more than reasonable levels."

A couple of years ago I bought a refurbished iPod. It was a first gen one but still worked and let me have music on-the-go. Granted, I was almost never on-the-go. But it was still nice. I use the past tense verb of "was" because I have no idea where it is. Last April I moved and the guy who packed my stuff wasn't a real mover. He was the brother or brother-in-law of the owner. Now, it's possibly the thing could be in one of the many boxes that have yet to be unpacked but I'd need a psychic to find it.

The reason I relate this is because the Sansa Express [see specs] looks like it could be something I might actually be able to get, either as a replacement of the iPod or to tide me over until I do find it. I would have to futz with it to get it working. There's no way I am running any version of Microsoft Windows for anything. Ever. I'd have to do a little format juggling to get the songs from iTuens on the Mac to something on my Linux box but that's not difficult. If Apple, and the others, would refrain from using idiotic Digital Rights Management (DRM) and Trusted Computing crap it would make the world a much bettefiler place. And it would increase CD sales[pdf]. But I digress.

Bottom line, if you want a music player that can be carried on your key chain and don't mind having "only" 1 gig of storage then this is a nice little option available. Now, can someone front me the ca$h to get one? :-)

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