Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Anti-Semitic? You decide.

Here's a quote:
Chaim Weitzman:

Weitzman at the Zionist Congress in 1935, two years after Hitler rose to power: “I’m afraid that today we exchange the concept of rescuing Jews with the concept of liberation, because Zionism is a lasting life and the rescue of thousands of Jews is considered no more than temporary life next to Zionism.”
What does this say? You tell me.

There's a site on the web that has some very strong information which impacts the whole "War in the Middle East" thing. The site is True Torah Jews Against Zionism. It is a common belief in the west that Muslims have an anti-US agenda. But almost no one will claim that there's an anti-US agenda out of Israel. Saying anything negative about Israel or Judaism gets immediately labeled as anti-Semitic. Is there anti-Semitism in this world? Sadly, yes there is. There is hate for everyone from everyone. Whatever group you might espouse allegiance to there is another who wants you dead. But this kind of bigotry and antipathy does not form in a vacuum.

So what do you call Jews Against Zionism? Are they anti-Semitic? If so, how can they be if they are Semites themselves? All very good questions. Ones I do not have any answers to. However, I suggest that everyone go to their site and read what they have to say. Then go do some Google News and Yahoo! News searches. Make up your own mind.

Footnote: Before anyone gets any ideas, I am not pro-Palestinian or whatever. I am for common sense and reason and against hatred and bigotry.

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