Sunday, May 06, 2007

Burried in life

I'd been a while since I've posted anything. So much has happened I can't even remember it all straight. The "I don't want to be here" feelings are gone, that's for sure. Something happened with my son that is, well, it's very serious. I'm still trying to handle it. Also, I moved the server from 2 hours away to the house. Comcast has updated their business service so it's now possible. With the box physically here it makes things much more convenient, even though my buddy was carrying me for free for years now. Having it here will cost an extra $53.something but it turns out that if we go with their VoIP phone service will cost $60.something less than we're paying now so it'll end up a net gain. Far out.

I'll try and get back into the flow soon.


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