Sunday, August 26, 2007

Hard times ahead

I have just five more days with my son before school starts. This year he'll be living with his mother while in school. For the last four years he's been living with me[1]. This is going to take some getting used to. It's a good thing, really. He'll get to spend more time with his mother and I'll get a bit more rest (and maybe a bit more accomplished). If I can get back into programming like a professional, or something, maybe I can get a freelance job or the like. I'll definitely be able to contribute to the Linux and Open Source worlds.

But still, not having him around usually makes me feel like staying in bed 'till he comes back. I'll have to do something to motivate myself every day. If I can scrounge up some extra ca$h I do need more RAM for my desktop computer. Hoping to get a 1GHz chip (or maybe even 2GHz) for it. I'll still see him on all minor holidays and every other weekend. It's just going to feel funny.

Ok, that's enough. My sinuses are killing me so I'm going to take a boat load of meds and it's off to bed.

[1] The funny thing is that it was her idea for this arrangement.

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