Thursday, September 27, 2007

Nine reported dead in Myanmar crackdown

Nine reported dead in Myanmar crackdown YANGON, Myanmar (CNN) -- "Soldiers reportedly fired into crowds and beat Buddhist monks Thursday, and state media said nine people were killed as Myanmar's military rulers continued its crackdown on anti-government demonstrations."
Additional information at U.S. freezes assets, restricts travel of Myanmar junta and Burma's Agony.

More fun in Southeast Asia. In September last year it was Thailand. In December it was Fuji. Then January of this year Somalia took it's turn. Now it's Myanmar (Burma) playing the junta game.

I would like to have everyone protesting against the Middle East policies to read what is happing in other parts of the world. Yes, we needs to get out of Iraq as soon as reasonably possible. And, as anyone with any reason will tell you, that will be when Iraq is self sustaining.

But the primary point is that those who are complaining about our Government should fall on their knees and thank whatever deity they wish for the fact that we live in the US. How many times has South America seen military takeovers of countries? How many times have there been in Africa? Asia? Everywhere?

People in the US are so blinded by their self-righteous self-importance they have no idea what is happening in the real world. They only care about their back yard. There's a catchphrase, "Think globally, act locally." But no one ever really thinks outside the ten square feet they occupy on the planet. How can there be piece if nobody gives a shit about anyone but themselves?

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