Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Fear of flying? NASA thinks so

NASA Won't Disclose Air Safety Survey October 22, 2007 - 6:22am By RITA BEAMISH AP Writer MOFFETT FIELD, Calif. (AP) - "Anxious to avoid upsetting air travelers, NASA is withholding results from an unprecedented national survey of pilots that found safety problems like near collisions and runway interference occur far more frequently than the government previously recognized."

Instead of trying to use disinformation and secrecy to make us "feel better" how about using the resources to fix it? I remember seeing two reports on aspects of airline safety that were interesting. One was that the whole keep electronic gadgets off during landing and takeoff is useless. There's already a massive EM output from the planes electronic system such that there would be no impact if every passenger on board were using a cell phone or laptop. The other was this guy who was studying the blinking warning lights on airlines. They are supposed to emit some specified luminosity but he could not find a single plane that came close. The airlines refused to even listen to him.

On a positive note, this from a comment on Slashdot -
NASA just released a press statement from Mike Griffin (NASA Administrator) regarding the pilot survey:
RELEASE: 07-230
Statement by NASA Administrator Mike Griffin on Pilot Survey
WASHINGTON - Since becoming NASA administrator, I have been an advocate for openness and transparency in the pursuit of NASA research and analysis. As a general practice, I believe that NASA research and data should be widely available and subject to review and scrutiny.

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