Friday, December 14, 2007

Comparing Iraq to Veitnam

I've been thinking about this for a while, now. Is the "war" in Iraq similar to what happened in Vietnam? Most people are taught that the US lost the "war" in Vietnam. While this is technically true, it was not the military that caused the downfall. It all began with the Tet offensive.

The cliff notes version is that on January 30, 1968 the VC and NVA initiated an attack on major cities and military/civilian targets in South Vietnam. In the initial attack the US forces were taken off guard and did suffer casualties. But once the armed forces regrouped the Tet offensive was severely crushed. The Communists forces were pushed all the way back practically to China. The one and ONLY reason that the US was forced to pull out was the initial media reports of the offensive showed American Soldiers being killed. They rarely showed how the VC/NVA tortured and killed the south Vietnamese people.

This was the only face of the war and it turned the population against our involvement in it. This led to our pulling out of the country. If the media and celebrities hadn't ignored and distorted what was really happening there we might now have a unified, democratic Vietnam country.

So how is this related to what's happening today in Iraq? The situation in country is not that which is portrayed in the media or by celebrities. How many reports have you heard about the large portions of Iraq where life is returning to normal? Iraqi people running the local government, police forces, the reconstruction and overall activities of their lives. The vast majority of Citizens are thankful to the Military and are on very good terms with them. But that's not what you hear. All that's reported is how many US Military were killed and the bombings. The funny thing is that the bombings and attacks are primarily targeting the Iraqi people. The vast majority of people there want the US military there.

The underlying meaning of this is that perception is greater than reality. There used to be an old saying, "Don't believe everything you read in the papers." It seems that the opposite is true now.

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