Sunday, December 30, 2007

Personal Comments on Global Warming

It is my considered opinion that the whole Global Warming/Go Green perspective is, at best, off the mark or, at worst, completely and dangerously wrong.

Oh, don't get me wrong. I do know that the worlds ecology is in trouble. Man has attempted to bend nature to his will and, in the process, has caused unimaginable damage to the planet.

The issue I have is that the Global Warming constituency is missing the real problem. They are trying to bail out the ship with a tablespoon. Climate changes caused by greenhouse gasses is but a symptom of the actual problem. And that problem is ecological destruction due to overall pollution and ecosystem tampering.

The former is not solely due to cars and factories. There are things that pollute far more than those do. For example, running a gas powered chain saw for one hour is the equivalent of running a couple hundred cars for one hour. Similar situations occur with lawnmowers and most other gas powered products. You see, none of them have any emissions standards to conform to.

By concentrating on one small piece of the puzzle (e.g. greenhouse gasses) the greater part is being overlooked. Land and water pollution are just as bad as air pollution but you wouldn't even know they existed by the way the media and "scientific community" report.

Ecosystem tampering is something that has potentially caused more irreversible damage than pollution. Examples can be found in the Africanized honeybees (also known as killer bees), the wholesale slaughtering of rattle snakes in the US mid and south west which has caused the vermin an pest populations to explode to a point where they are destroying the land, the decimation of indigenous life in the San Fransisco bay due to the way shipping ballast is performed. All of these are just as significant, if not more so, than Global Warming.

The reality is that there's plenty of scientific evidence that most of the warming is being caused by natural fluctuations of the sun. We do need to do something to correct the devastation being done to the planet but focusing all the attention on Global Warming is like spitting in the ocean.


  1. Nobody. Just an old broken down man who enjoys Sumo, Linux, Classic Heavy Metal & wandering around lost on the web.

    Oh, did you have any thoughts or comments on the topic of this post? Always interested in anyones ideas or opinions.

  2. I can see the effects of global warming in Puerto Rico. Twenty years ago it rained almost everyday...but due to overpopulation, a building boom, deforestation and shrinking farms has cause me to wish a hurricane to come here because hurricans bring a lot of rain and cool temperatures. When the weather channel in the radio or tv announces rain to come...I say, "Yeah, right it'll come next year."