Monday, March 24, 2008

Convergence of Religions

This last weekend was, for the Christian world, the celebration of Easter. Contrary to the exhortations of the advertising industry, this isn't about chocolate or bunnies. It's to honor the resurrection of Jesus. But in India there was an interesting convergence of the Christian, Muslim & Hindu religions. This weekend was simultaneously the Easter, the celebration of the Profit Mohamed's birthday and the Hindu Holi festival.

The significant aspect of this that all three followers of their respective faiths were able to enjoy and honor their beliefs without having WWIII break out. It is concrete evidence that the various faiths are not inherently enemies. The great majority of people have no problems with others beliefs. It's the extreme minority of rabid idiots who advocate the killing and hatred.

If this kind of acceptance could be spread the world would be a better place. So how to spread it? You don't have to change the whole world in one shot. Just work on your little space of it. You'll be surprised at the effect it will have.

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