Wednesday, March 12, 2008

On health and wellness

One of the things that's knocked me off of my blogging is my health situation. First, the good news. I have lost just over 40 pounds since last August. This was accomplished by simply eating healthier food and not eating to much. It seems I only need to eat once or twice a day. Haven't started exercising yet but when I do I expect to get even better results.

Secondly I finally started going back to seeing doctors again and we've done some adjustments to my medication. That has made a BIG difference. My overall wellness and my cognitive abilities have improved greatly. But the pain has become nearly unbearable. I can't stand, sit or even lay down without the consent crushing pain taking the majority of my energy from me.

One scary thing that happened was when I had very bad chest pain in January. 911 was called and I was taken to the hospital for tests and such. The outcome was relatively good, my heart is in great shape, but the pain is still there. I can tell you this, though. It is a bit disconcerting to ride in an ambulance with all kinds of crap stuck to and in you.

So the situation is thus... I need to find a good balance for my meds, start exercising to go along with my better diet and find something to stimulate my brain before it becomes total mush. Or at least less mushy than it's been getting.

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