Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Bataan Death March, Story of a Survivor

I wandered across an interesting blog recently and there was an entry that really caught my eye. It begins like this;
It was December 1941. Eight-year old Romy was in the two-story house where he and his family lived in the US military compound in Fort McKinley (now known as the Fort Bonifacio Global City). He couldn’t go out and play with his four brothers as was natural for little boys. Outside, bombs and firearms were exploding. A few days ago, on December 8, 1941, the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor and ten hours after that, Clark Airfield, in Pampanga, Philippines. World War II had begun and it had come to the shores of the Philippines and the country was under attack by the invading Japanese troops.
My son and I have been interested in WWII for a while now. Shows on the History Channel like Dogfights and Battle 360 are quite fascinating. They bring history alive and let us see things that happened from the perspective of the men and women who were there. This article about the Bataan Death March is one more bit of history that will, hopefully, not be forgotten over time.

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