Tuesday, April 08, 2008

China; Tibet; Dalai Lama; Oh my!

I'm sure that everyone and his dog has been hearing about the stuff happening with the the protesters trying to interrupt the Olympic torch run. At this point it's the Tibet sympathizers versus the Chinese media & government. If you've seen or read any of the Chinese news reports you'll find all about how it's the Dalai Lama's fault and how the people of China are angry and upset with him and his violent radicals. Of course, everyone outside of China has a much better grasp on reality. If you're unsure or haven't heard anything about it here are some links of interest. Go ahead and check them out. I'll wait here while you do.Welcome back. Hope you enjoyed the reading.

One thing that's bothering me a little about this is that the focus has now been centered on the Olympic torch and the Olympics rather than the actual problem. We shouldn't be whining and protesting the Games. We should be doing everything possible to keep funds and goods from leaving or entering the country.

History has shown that Communist countries are unable to sustain their economies. The fall of the USSR, East Germany and the other "Eastern Block" countries is all the example one needs. But China was smart. They saw what happened and knew they had to become an economic powerhouse or they'd fall to the same fate. Now the rest of the world is happily consuming their products and exporting goods into the country. It's all about making a buck.

Shouldn't there be some things more important than greed?

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