Thursday, June 12, 2008

Ubuntu's need to catch a wave

Ubuntu's need to catch a wave Submitted by dag on Sun, 2008/05/18 - 00:38 -- "Let me play devil's advocate here. Mark Shuttleworth's recent pledge to join a synchronized release plan for Enterprise Linux distributions is no more than a wish to benefit from a lot of work that Novell and Red Hat are already doing in the Enterprise space."

Just ran across this. It's not an Ubuntu bash op-ed piece. It's simply pointing out some business aspects of the Enterprise Linux world.

Most Linux enthusiasts are Linux desktop users or Open Source supporters, like myself. This demographic is not likely to be paying for support due to the fact that they are much more capable of handling their own support issues with the help of the community. In the business world there is no way an Enterprise entity would ever use anything without a strong and detailed support contract. Not having one would be like throwing their revenue into the furnace.

Would you do that with your paycheck?

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