Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Drug-Free Depression Treatments; More Effective?

Why Drug-Free Depression Treatments May Be More Effective | Newsweek Health
Source: www.newsweek.com - "In a new book, psychiatrist James Gordon explains why he believes there's a more effective and drug-free way to treat depression and anxiety.

About 10 percent of American women and 4 percent of men now take antidepressants (according to a 2004 CDC report). Gordon's new book, "Unstuck: Your Guide to the Seven-Stage Journey Out of Depression," outlines a treatment program he believes can be an alternative to medication. NEWSWEEK's Anne Underwood spoke to Gordon about his recommendations and how he's implemented them around the world.

As one who's taking three different anti-depressants this is an interesting read. It's always curious to me how the human race ever survived the first umpteen thousand years before all these drugs and therapy. But then again, one common theme in Science Fiction is how modern industry and technology are the cause of new ailments. And there's always the case that medicine has removed natural selection from humans allowing more "defective" genes to propagate.

Who knows?

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  1. It seems many of today's "advancements" are affecting people negatively.

    Power Parents who shuttle their kids from soccer to dance to volleyball to whatever totally structured event fills the rest of the day are producing children who can't solve problems because they don't spend any time lost within their own minds. It's kinda creepy...

    Gadgets that we use to take telephony/Internet/music with us are sold to us as if they simplify life, but the reality is they make our lives more compressed because we no longer have to slow down for anything. When's the last time you had to go home to make a phone call or listen to a CD? I thought so (read Douglas Coupland's "Girlfriend in a Coma" for more details)...

    Antibiotics and flu vaccines clear the path for stronger bacteria and viruses to thrive...

    Military actions overseas have caused our nation to become less secure rather than more secure (okay, that's just a personal opinion)...

    Anyway, I think humanity is due for some simplification. In the graphic design world, analog methods are becoming more and more popular as things go increasingly digital. You can only go in one direction for so long before the rubber band snaps back. Hopefully we're just about to snap back, because I swear we need it.

    As always, just my opinion(s). :)