Thursday, July 17, 2008

Keep away from the dark side!

With all the computer annoyances going on here lately I thought I'd give Windows Vista a try and see what all the (non)fuss is about. I reinstalled from the vendor supplied DVD, which went smoother than I'd expected (based on previous WinXX version installs I've done). As for how it fairs for me, here's the short and sweet of it...
It sucks!
No, wait. Make that...
The two of you who might be reading this will immediately suspect that I cam to this conclusion due to my fervent dislike of Microsoft and my near-zealotry for Linux. It's an understandable conclusion but not quite accurate today.

The biggest reason for the total suckage is the attempts that Microsoft has continually made to make everything "User Friendly." Every version of Windows from Win95 on has made the interface more cumbersome and less usable. It works fine if you only run a web browser, mail client and office-like applications. If you want to do any real work it's like pulling teeth. If you really want to see a well designed user interface check out a Mac running OS X 10. Heck, even older ones running OS 9 kick the pants off of anything Microsoft has done. Playing with Vista might be entertaining but this box is going to be wiped and have Fedora installed very soon.

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