Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Soldier Gets Silver [Medal] for Killing Bomber

Soldier Gets Silver [Medal] for Killing Bomber July 15, 2008 Knight Ridder FORT LEWIS, Wash. - "It took Sgt. Michael Espejo Jr. a moment to realize that the injured Afghan policeman he was dragging away from a burning truck was no policeman at all."

It's not uncommon to hear about an American Soldier killing an Insurgent in Iraq. You're more likely to hear about it the other way 'round. But when it happens have you ever wondered what the back story was? How did it come to take place? What happened to cause the incident? Here's one story where you can get a perspective of what it's like over there.

I'm usually fairly vague when it comes to political discussions on the war in Iraq. Primarily because so many people are so unbelievably polarized on it. It's impossible to have a conversation with someone who has their opinion and will refuse to even listen to anything else. My opinions on the issue are not ambiguous and based on my knowledge and life experiences. However I am always willing to listen to someone else's point of view. They might have a perspective that I haven't thought of which could help clarify my position one way or the other.

If anyone would like to calmly and rationally discuss this topic with me just let me know.
Like that's ever going to happen

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