Thursday, July 24, 2008

South Carolina's 'so gay' travel ad upsets state officials

South Carolina's 'so gay' travel ad upsets state officials [USA Today] By Page Ivey, Associated Press Writer COLUMBIA, S.C. — In late June, travel agent Matthew DeGuire got a call from a customer about an ad in London's subway.

"South Carolina is so gay" read the ad, alongside others touting Las Vegas, New Orleans, Boston and Atlanta as also being "so gay." The ads were timed with London's annual gay pride festival.

"He was pleasantly surprised about it," DeGuire said of his client.

But several state officials, including Gov. Mark Sanford, think the ad went too far. While the state's tourism agency initially agreed to pay $5,000 for the ad, the governor and other officials are now refusing to pickup that tab, saying taxpayer dollars shouldn't be used to promote any group with a particular social or political agenda.

The employee at the state Parks, Recreation and Tourism Department who approved it has resigned, and Republican Sen. David Thomas has called for an audit of the state agency's spending.

Yes, more stupid crap from the homophobes. All they needed to do was use any of the first five definitions of the word "gay" from WordNet. Instead they get all pissy and make some poor slob Tourism Department fall on his sword.

Get a life.

[Yes, I'm extra cranky today. Can you tell?]

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