Friday, August 29, 2008

Obama? McCain? No Difference!

Whenever I think I can't get more cynical about this US political season something comes along to prove me wrong. What now? Believe it or not, the new TV show The Cho Show. Now, I love Margaret Cho. She's fall down funny. But her blind devotion towards one political view based solely on perceived positions and partial truths is indicative of the majority of people in the country. Don't get me wrong, there are just as many blind devotes in the other political camp. In fact, that's the only way these parties can continue to function. Ms. Cho is just one example of millions.

How many people do you know vote for a political party rather than a politician? My ex-wife's mother was a Democrat. Period. She'd vote for Jack the Ripper for president if he was on the ticket. She also was one very southern woman. Most of the things the party claims to stand for she was against. But she never let the facts interfere her position. My sister is nearly the same way on the GOP side of the aisle. I'm sure everyone knows at least one person like this.

The irony of it all is that when you dig through the rhetoric and misinformation you find that the two parties are nearly identical twins. The things they differ on are simply smokescreens. Vagaries on topics to cloud the reasoning faculties of the voters. Neither of them actually care about the "issues," only about how they can get more money and more power.

Here's a sanity test; if you are staunchly behind a political party then you might want to investigate the rest of the political world with an open mind. If you are able to I'm positive you'll find some very compelling and disquieting realities. If you can't or won't give it an honest, open look then you already think I'm full of crap so nothing I say will make a difference.

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  1. Ron Paul would agree with you :)

    What a wonderful world, filled with such wonderful Americans with such wonderful minds and ideas about things, huh?