Monday, August 04, 2008

Thailand halts Grand Theft Auto sales after murder

Thailand halts Grand Theft Auto sales after murder By Nopporn Wong-Anan Mon Aug 4, 4:29 AM ET - BANGKOK (Reuters) - "A Thai video game distributor halted sales of "Grand Theft Auto" on Monday after a teenager confessed to robbing and murdering a taxi driver while trying to recreate a scene from the controversial game.

"We are sending out requests today to outlets and shops to pull the games off their shelves and we will replace them with other games," Sakchai Chotikachinda, sales and marketing director of New Era Interactive Media, told Reuters.

I wonder how many times this has happened in the States. I'd be surprised if it hasn't already been done in CA or NY or some place like Atlanta.

While I do not believe that video games are the Spawn of Satan, it would be good if there was a little less realism in games like GTA and their like. I don't see the fun in playing a game where you are a gang banger.

Even Black is better because there's no way to try and replicate scenes from it outside of Iraq or Afghanistan.

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