Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Back to Back to School

My son started school today. Not only is he moving into middle school but it's a different school from where he went to grade school. He was so nervous this weekend he almost made himself sick. Hopefully things will settle down for him quickly.

The biggest problem with this is that he's now back living with his mother for the year. I'll only see him alternate weekends and holidays. This was exceedingly difficult last year and I'm not looking forward to him being away so much but it might have a bright side to it. I am looking into going back to school, more or less. Westwood College has a three year program of online courses to get a degree. If I can swing the financing I'm going to try for a sheep's skin in computer Game Programming. It'll be for MS Windows systems but with a little effort and some breaks I might parley this into an income.

Normally I have a very strong block about schooling. Back after high school I did a little dabbling in higher education and found it to be less than useful. My best learning style isn't suited to regular academia. I do much better with a little classroom work and a lot of examples. Having the freedom to work beyond the confines of a standard syllabus lets me learn at the pace I'm best able to absorb the input. It's just the way my mind works. Hopefully everything will work out.

But I'll still miss being with my son.

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