Saturday, September 27, 2008

Going to collage. Finally!

It's been almost 30 years since I graduated high school. I did make an attempt to try collage afterwords but it just wasn't something I was ready for. After two years of socializing that garnered me just 20 credits it became apparent that I wasn't the scholastic type. I dropped out and entered the work force. Needless to say this meant minimum wage labor jobs and the like. In 1982 I lucked into a job as a computer operator and, over the next 24 years advanced up the IS/IT world to some really high-end stuff. It was fun and the lack of a degree didn't hamper my advancement as a coder/systems/hacker guy. Then came the health issues. Since 2004 I haven't been able to work in my profession and am physically unable to do "regular" jobs. It seems that now I need a degree.

While wandering around the web I saw an ad for degrees from Westwood Collage (see the post "Back to Back to School"). They have a program in Game Software Development which looked interesting. Turns out many of their degrees can be done 100% online so I decided to look into it. When my son found out he said I HAD to do it so that he could be a tester for any games I might develop.

The program is completely online, as I mentioned, and finished in three years. The school has been doing everything they can to help me get in. They also have some assistance for managing your classes and plenty of tutors. There's also a program to help you find employment and their alumni program is killer. The only major down side is that their online systems are very MS Windows centric. Uhg!

I honestly can't see how anyone can get anything done. It's like pulling teeth just to get programs to work. And don't get me started on simple things like cut'n'paste. I can sit down to a Linux box or a Mac and within a few minutes be as productive as a rabbit. But MS has outdone themselves with Vista. Win2K and XP were bad enough but the interface to Vista is worst than the old DOS prompt. No, seriously. But I digress.

With a little luck I will be back to a place in life where I can find a somewhere to live (it sucks being homeless) and take care of my son in a more stable environment. My classes start next week and I can't wait.

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