Thursday, October 02, 2008

Blaming the Good Samaritan

Blaming the Good Samaritan | Houston Carr, 2008-09-26 | "In the early 90's, I attended an academic conference in Hawaii. At one presentation, a colleague from the University of California at Berkeley whom I'll refer to as "the supervisor," told a story of young hackers, who he referred to as the Urchins.

The Urchins, according to the supervisor, remotely accessed several corporate mainframes as a way of learning and found vulnerabilities in their systems. They told the supervisor, who contacted the effected companies and told them of the illicit access and the vulnerabilities. He explained what he was told by the Urchins: There was no intent to do harm and they only wanted to notify the companies of weaknesses in their systems.

This is something that's become a real issue in the last decade or so. People doing the right thing yet getting in trouble for it. And the laws that have come into existence boggle the mind. Did you know that the penalty for "hacking" is harsher than for stealing plutonium? Does this make any sense? Is the world being run by idiots?

Don't answer that.

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