Friday, November 28, 2008

I'm not like Taffy 3

From 23-26 October 1944, the greatest naval battle in the history of the world was fought in what become known as the Battle of Leyte Gulf. While Gen. Douglas MacArthur lead the landing and invasion of the Philippine island of Leyte, a small support force of escort carriers, destroyers and destroyer escorts held off, and defeated, a Japanese task force lead by the greatest battleship ever built. The Yamato. The massively out gunned and out numbered support group designated Taffy 3 pulled off a miracle and kept the Army invasion force from being annihilated. The actions of ships like the destroyer Johnston and destroyer escort Samuel B. Roberts (affectionately known as Sammy B, the destroyer escort that fought like a Battleship) are some of the greatest stories of WWII. So what does this have to do with anything?

This week, Thanksgiving week, I pretty much torpedoed myself completely. Circumstances found me alone for the holiday and most of the week. This seems to be a state in which I am not functional. I did nothing at all until today when my son came over. This includes my school work. Now I have two-and-a-half days to get everything done, including the special projects that are worth 30% of my grade. I already lost a significant portion of the weeks score by not performing the actions needed to get attendance credit. This week is likely to be the poorest grade I've had to date. It could knock me out of being on the honor roll, which would be the first time in my scholastic life I've ever been on it.

But that's all done with now. The only thing I can do is work these next few days to kick @$$ on everything else and finish the last two weeks on a high note. I believe I can do it but I'm not sure how to overcome this kind of problem should it come up in the future.

P.S. The story of Leyte Gulf is one that I feel everyone in the world should know. Look at it from a military perspective and learn how massive battles can be won or lost by the actions of a few men. And if you happen to be a USian feel free to glory in the determination of our brave sailors, soldiers and marines.

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