Thursday, November 20, 2008

Rotting teeth... Not quite

It seems I grind my teeth when I sleep. Over the last 8 or so years this grinding has led to some teeth cracking with whole chunks falling off. Specifically three molars. I had the first one worked on this month. On the 11th they dug out everything (pulp, nerves, etc) all the way down to the root. This is where the term Root Canal comes into play. I got a temporary filling until the 18th when I went back to have it built up. The first part wasn't really painful at all. The second part, well, that was a little different.

There was a lot of pulling, scraping, sanding and even some little things that looked like needles. The wildest part, though, when when the dentist started using a torch to heat up these little metal things and stick them in my tooth. The smell of things burning isn't one you'd usually associate with the dentist office. This visit had a lot more being done on the tooth. Once it was finished I had a usable tooth again.

Well, almost usable. Once feeling started to come back into my jaw this procedure was a little painful. Lots of throbbing and tenderness in the tooth, jaw and jaw muscles. I wasn't able to chew much more than "Cream of Wheat" (I prefer the instant mix). But by this morning it was feeling well enough to have a cinnamon bun thingy, which was really good. I figure by Thanksgiving I'll be able to chow down on whatever there is.

As for the other two teeth, one I'm just going to have pulled. At least that's the plan at the moment. The other will get it's own rooting out in January. After that I think I have a cavity or two then maybe some teeth whitening. That'll be the only cosmetic thing I'll do for my teeth. It's more so that I can see my smile through the beard. My bottom teeth could use some serious straightening but I've become so used to my funky bite I don't want to change it.

Besides, it'll give CSI a unique bite mark to trace after I lose it and go on a three state killing spree.

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