Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Facebook ban of breast-feeding photos sparks protests

Facebook ban of breast-feeding photos sparks protests | Reuters | Tue Dec 30, 2008 12:57AM EST | CANBERRA - "Are photographs of a mother breast-feeding her child indecent? The social networking site Facebook has sparked a massive online debate -- and protests -- and after removing photos that expose too much of a mother's breast.

Facebook spokesman Barry Schnitt said the website takes no action over most breast-feeding photos because they follow the site's terms of use but others are removed to ensure the site remains safe and secure for all users, including children.

For some reason this is big news in Western Society (i.e. societies and cultures based on Western European origins). In the rest of the world it's just a natural, normal thing. Ever wonder why? It's because in the rest of the world a woman's breast is not considered a sexual object. They are for feeding children. This begs the question of why such a very small number of cultures think of it otherwise.

Lingerie makers.

If there is no sexual connotation of breasts then why would people want to buy expensive and visually appealing bras? You wouldn't spend $200 on a baby bottle holder, would you? Boobs are sexy only because of effective marketing by lingerie makers. After all, why should a bra be made with lace and frills if it's only purpose is functionality? Who cares if it "lifts and separates" or "brings the girls out?"

This has had an effect on the perceptions of female beauty in most western cultures. Big breasts are more attractive. If you look through the porn of the 70's, 80's and 90's you'll see the evolution that sexy means big, plastic boobs. For myself, I like breasts but they aren't a major point of focus for me (unless she wants them to be).

But no matter the size it shouldn't be taboo to breast feed a baby. The one concession to the puritans could be that the non-feeding breast be covered. But since, as a guy, I don't have milk producing breasts what the heck do I have to say about it? No male should.

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