Friday, December 26, 2008

Guitar Hero Man

My son's birthday is 9 days before Christmas so he gets a lot of presents in a short time span. This year he got Guitar Hero. Specifically, Guitar Hero I, II, III, and Encore "Rock the 80s" including two guitars. This is not only great for him but for me, too. I used to play for years until my health kill that. Playing GH gives me a little of the feeling back.

It's funny, though, because since I did play for real my fingers want to play the actual cords and riffs for the songs. This is why real musicians tend to tank in these games. The fun factor is still very high so I'll keep playing as much as I can.

Of course my son is kicking serious @$$ in them. It only took him two days to beat GH III on easy. This unlocked the song "Through the Fire and Flames" by Dragonforce. It's a cool song and he does extremely well on it. The only thing is he plays it over and over. Still, it's nice to see him appreciating the music his dad loves. He'll still watch only the Hip Hop stuff on the music channels but his musical taste has widened.

Next on the list is GH Aerosmith and World Tour. And when GH Metallica comes out in '09 we're get that as well.

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