Sunday, February 22, 2009

Can militias contain the Taleban?

Can militias contain the Taleban? By Ian Pannell | BBC News, Paktia province, south-east Afghanistan - "The insurgency has raged and grown in this part of the country. Paktia borders Pakistan and is a route for insurgents coming into the country. The Taleban and al-Qaeda have a growing presence here and clashes between them and government and foreign forces have escalated.

But Ahmadabad district is an exception, thanks to the gunmen of the Arbakai, a tribal militia that has protected this area and its people for centuries, making it something of a safe-haven from the violence all around.

This is an interesting article on how one district in Afghanistan has been able to keep the violence and bloodshed out. There's some debate as to whether this is a good or bad thing but I think people there want to live without the fear and death. With a little help they could have a good chance at it.

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