Thursday, April 23, 2009

Celebrity Viruses Improve Security

Celebrity Viruses Improve Security | Adam O'Donnell, 2009-04-21 | "Every so often, a computer virus becomes more than just a novelty for anti-virus researchers and moves into the consciousness of the mass media, even if it's not a grave threat.

The recent Conficker outbreak is a fantastic example of this. While only a small fraction of all PC users were infected with the worm, a great deal of media coverage was devoted to the outbreak.

There was also one very good thing that happened with the media coverage of Conficker; it was identified as a PC virus. Since the term PC has become synonymous with MS Windows, people are starting to realize that all these virus and worm attacks are, in fact, specific to MS Windows and Microsoft products.

Hopefully, people will start to realize that if they ran Mac's or Linux they would see a tremendous increase of productivity and security.
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