Friday, April 10, 2009

Sleepless in my room

More insomnia. Can't get to sleep for nothing. And if I do conk out I wake up after only a few hours. There's got to be a way to get some sleep without having to take sleeping pills. I take to many pills already, I don't need more.

$DEITY! I am so tired.

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  1. Bill (lurker on the Sumo ML)Mon Apr 13, 11:19:00 AM EDT

    Joe, have you tried St John's Wort? You probably have, you're a knowledgeable guy, but just in case...

    It's a mild sedative, and makes each phase of sleep seem 'longer' timewise, and calmer. No side effects that I know of.

    I'm sure you know the advice "don't try to sleep" - get up, drink warm milk, lie/sit reading for a while - and let the next 'sleep phase' take you down when it comes.

    Being in pain, of course, is another issue altogether - I'm recently reminded of this, after a road bike crash...

    all the best!!