Friday, April 24, 2009

U.S. to create cybersecurity military command: report

U.S. to create cybersecurity military command: report | Posted on - Tue Apr 21, 2009 10:31PM EDT | WASHINGTON (Reuters) - "The Obama administration plans to create a new military command to focus on Pentagon computer networks and offensive capabilities in cyberwarfare, The Wall Street Journal reported on Tuesday, citing current and former officials familiar with the plans.

The initiative will reshape the military's efforts to protect its networks from attacks by hackers, especially those from countries such as China and Russia, the newspaper said.

This is one of those two-edged swords, I believe. On one hand we do need a coordinated cybersecurity plan/implementation for not only the Pentagon but the entire .mil net. Currently the way the Pentagon is monitored works well, and as someone who has been "caught" by them, I know just how solid their NOC is. But their current implementation wouldn't scale well at all.

On the other hand, putting the security of the .mil network under a coordinated military organization could easily end up being a launching point for total 'Net monitoring and control. Don't believe it could happen? Two words: Patriot Act. It wouldn't be an easy thing to do but it is doable.

On the gripping hand, maybe having a strong military organization making sure bad things don't happen will finally get the world to understand how dangerous Microsoft Windows truly is. If this country were to switch to Mac and Linux 98% of all the viruses, worms, flood attacks, breakin's, DoS attacks, and thefts would be stopped. The 'Net wouldn't be 100% secure as that's an impossibility for a public accessible network. But imagine how much more productive and effective everyone would be.
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