Friday, May 29, 2009

Bad Behavior: The Conficker Worm

Bad Behavior: The Conficker Worm | Erin Early, May 28, 2009 | "It was hard to miss the headlines in March and April bringing news on Conficker, the computer worm that has received extensive media coverage, due in part to Microsoft's offer of a $250,000 bounty in return for information leading to the arrest of the malware's perpetrators. April 1, the highly anticipated date for the Conficker botnet's activation, passed by without the activation of the Armageddon-like payload that some reports touted. Yet, Conficker continues to be a threat the world is watching. Keep reading to find out what exactly Conficker is and how you can avoid it -- with information straight from the experts at Malware Labs at the online security company, Lavasoft."

Here's some info for helping keep this bugger at by. But, if you are really tired of crashes, virusis, spyware and all the rest of the badguy stuff, give Linux a spin. It's not the do it yourself platform it used to be and has support for just about anything you might want.
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