Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Iran - The street protests mount

The street protests mount | By Anonymous [Editor's note: For reasons of personal safety, the author chooses to remain anonymous] | June 15, 2009 | "Now, three days after the election, a pattern is emerging. There is unstructured protest on the streets beginning in the late afternoon. Then, at night, it escalates.

In my own apartment complex on Monday morning we were woken up to screams and shouts. Kids from the building and elsewhere had been engaging in political rock fights in the adjoining street and had run into the complex (a typical urban apartment "tower" found in almost all of the developing world). Families went out to the fire escape to look down to see what had happened. It turned out that special police had rushed into the complex, followed by "basijis" or paramilitary forces, basically thugs on motorbikes with helmets and batons. It also turned out that they had electric rods and, to the shock of many, machetes. Several people were wounded and taken away and much of the first floor and entrance of the complex was destroyed.

This is a situation to watch closely. Will it bring the country an open and democratic government, like Germany,) or will it just be a blip on the radar, like Tienanmen Square?

Time will tell.

I know that North Korea is welcoming these protests, though. It takes the focus of the worlds media off of them for a while. Don't believe me?

Time will tell.
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