Saturday, June 27, 2009

Is “Transformers” Racist?

Is "Transformers" Racist? | June 25, 2009 by Michael Hickerson | "After opening to the second largest midnight showing in box-office history, "Transfomers: Revenge of the Fallen" began its theatrical run yesterday on a high note.

However the hot opening may not be what’s generating the most heat for the potential summer blockbuster. Instead, fans and critics are labeling the movie "racist" for some character portrayals during the two and a half hour running time of the film.

I have been trying to hold my tongue on this but I can't any longer.


The political correctness police have completely eroded everyone's right not to be offended. If you go out of your way looking for something that will offend you then you are definitely going to find it. If these two fictitious, imaginary, non-existent characters are offensive then every rap & hip-hip artist over the last 35 years is just as offensive. And sticking with music, Country music as a genera definitely offends me. All the singing about cheatin' hearts, gettin' drunk and line dancing is immoral and the work of the devil.

If these whack-jobs really wanted to stop racism, bigotry and hate they would stop giving all this power to words and phrases. I have previously posted about the word "nigger" and the fact that it is people who give the word all of its power over us. Every time someone uses the phrase "the N-word" it diminishes us all. Black, white, red, yellow, whatever.

It is ironic that the majority of people don't even know the origins of the word. Nigger is just a bastardized pronunciation of the word black as used in some romance languages.
  • Catalan = negre
  • Galician = negro
  • Italian = nero
  • Spanish = negro
All it would take to end a large part of hate in this world is if people stopped being ignorant and giving meaningless words power over us. When we stop being offended by everything nothing will be offensive.
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