Thursday, December 24, 2009

Swedish service performs your last online wishes

Swedish service performs your last online wishes By Louise Nordstrom, Associated Press Writer – Fri Dec 11, 11:26 am ET | STOCKHOLM – "Sunniva Geertinger was devastated when her boyfriend took his life early this year.

To make matters worse, his Facebook account proved almost impossible to put to rest, haunting her like a ghost with new wall-posts from network pals and holiday photos from the past.

Believe it or not this is a real concern. Over the decades I have known a number of fellow online mavens who had passed away leaving a big footprint still on the wire. In one case the BBS the guy was running ran for months after he was gone with no one attending it. His wife finally took it offline.

As for myself, I am in the same kind of situation. If I were hit by a truck (albeit one driving through my living room) there's no one who knows all the places I'm online. Hell, I don't even know all of them. I'm going to have to see how much this service costs.
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