Saturday, June 27, 2009

Is “Transformers” Racist?

Is "Transformers" Racist? | June 25, 2009 by Michael Hickerson | "After opening to the second largest midnight showing in box-office history, "Transfomers: Revenge of the Fallen" began its theatrical run yesterday on a high note.

However the hot opening may not be what’s generating the most heat for the potential summer blockbuster. Instead, fans and critics are labeling the movie "racist" for some character portrayals during the two and a half hour running time of the film.

I have been trying to hold my tongue on this but I can't any longer.


The political correctness police have completely eroded everyone's right not to be offended. If you go out of your way looking for something that will offend you then you are definitely going to find it. If these two fictitious, imaginary, non-existent characters are offensive then every rap & hip-hip artist over the last 35 years is just as offensive. And sticking with music, Country music as a genera definitely offends me. All the singing about cheatin' hearts, gettin' drunk and line dancing is immoral and the work of the devil.

If these whack-jobs really wanted to stop racism, bigotry and hate they would stop giving all this power to words and phrases. I have previously posted about the word "nigger" and the fact that it is people who give the word all of its power over us. Every time someone uses the phrase "the N-word" it diminishes us all. Black, white, red, yellow, whatever.

It is ironic that the majority of people don't even know the origins of the word. Nigger is just a bastardized pronunciation of the word black as used in some romance languages.
  • Catalan = negre
  • Galician = negro
  • Italian = nero
  • Spanish = negro
All it would take to end a large part of hate in this world is if people stopped being ignorant and giving meaningless words power over us. When we stop being offended by everything nothing will be offensive.
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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Army Lab Finds 9,200 Uncounted Vials

Army Lab Finds 9,200 Uncounted Vials | June 18, 2009 | Associated Press | HAGERSTOWN, Md. - "An inventory of deadly germs and toxins at an Army biodefense lab in Frederick found more than 9,200 vials of material that was unaccounted for in laboratory records, Fort Detrick officials said Wednesday."

At least it's better than finding 9,200 vials missing.
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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I need a little help

Due to circumstances that I can't figure out how they happened, I find myself in a situation where I need to make a nominal income. By nominal I mean between $150 and $300/month. Of course I have no idea how to go about making this a reality. It'd be easy if I were physically able to do regular manual labor. But at the moment it's a task to just sit in the chair and type this. In fact, after I post this I'm going to have to lay down for a bit.

As you can see, my needs and my abilities don't easily match up. Plus my brain is fried with all the school work I have to do. I got a week behind due to the a fore mentioned circumstances, but this week is mid-terms. I have a handful of days to get three weeks of research done, write five essays and hack some serious code.

Why is it I can never seem to catch a break?

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Normandy Vets Look to One Last Remembrance

Normandy Vets Look to One Last Remembrance | Stars and Stripes | Steve Mraz | May 28, 2009 | "The ranks of living D-Day veterans have long been thinning.

As the 65th anniversary of the World War II Allied invasion of Europe approaches, even the youngest men who survived the bloody beach assaults, night parachute drops and glider landings into northeast coastal France now find themselves in their 80s.

I'm a little late with this post but it's something I feel is worth commenting on.

I think my generation, i.e. Baby Boomers, are the last to have any real understanding of what these men did. My Boomerness is at the tail end of said Boom so I'm about as far removed from WWII as kids in there teens and twenties are now from Vietnam. But the world moved slower back then. The most immediate news source we had was Television. Information then seemed glacial compared to the 'Net and text messaging. Twenty years for me is like five years for today's youth.

It is, in my opinion, up to us to do for them what our parents did for us. Educate them about our history. Help them understand that history isn't just some boring words in a class textbook. There are some very good programs on the History, History International, Discovery, the Military and The Learning Channels that can really help with this. My son knows more about WWII than most people my age.

Otherwise, as George Santayana said, "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it."
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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Iran - The street protests mount

The street protests mount | By Anonymous [Editor's note: For reasons of personal safety, the author chooses to remain anonymous] | June 15, 2009 | "Now, three days after the election, a pattern is emerging. There is unstructured protest on the streets beginning in the late afternoon. Then, at night, it escalates.

In my own apartment complex on Monday morning we were woken up to screams and shouts. Kids from the building and elsewhere had been engaging in political rock fights in the adjoining street and had run into the complex (a typical urban apartment "tower" found in almost all of the developing world). Families went out to the fire escape to look down to see what had happened. It turned out that special police had rushed into the complex, followed by "basijis" or paramilitary forces, basically thugs on motorbikes with helmets and batons. It also turned out that they had electric rods and, to the shock of many, machetes. Several people were wounded and taken away and much of the first floor and entrance of the complex was destroyed.

This is a situation to watch closely. Will it bring the country an open and democratic government, like Germany,) or will it just be a blip on the radar, like Tienanmen Square?

Time will tell.

I know that North Korea is welcoming these protests, though. It takes the focus of the worlds media off of them for a while. Don't believe me?

Time will tell.
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Monday, June 15, 2009

Bad text messaging, e-mailing manners can be costly

Bad text messaging, e-mailing manners can be costly | By Ellen Wulfhorst - Thu Jun 11, 2009 5:57PM EDT | NEW YORK (Reuters) - "A political coup in New York's statehouse can be traced back to an incident in which a top lawmaker so enraged a wealthy backer by peering at e-mails on his BlackBerry that his patron engineered his ouster.
"One should not play with one's BlackBerry (or anything else) when billionaires who have helped elect you have traveled to your office to talk to you," Henry Stern, former head of New York City's parks department, wrote on a Yonkers Tribune blog.

So, not only can you wreck your car, you can also get sacked.

I'm a techie. I live by email and the 'Net. But there's one thing I've learned in nearly 30 years of geekdom; If it's truly important it's not going to be delivered via email, Twitter, Facebook or any other non-immediate form of communication. At least not yet.

The technology isn't advanced enough but, more importantly, the culture isn't ready either. When the teens of today grownup into the middle aged people of tomorrow their teens might, and I stress might be able to have and handle real time digital messaging.

I doubt it, though.
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Sunday, June 14, 2009

North Korea responds to U.N. with nuclear threats

North Korea responds to U.N. with nuclear threats | By Miyoung Kim and Jon Herskovitz Miyoung Kim And Jon Herskovitz – Sat Jun 13, 2:29 pm ET | SEOUL (Reuters) – "North Korea said on Saturday it would start a uranium enrichment program and weaponize all its plutonium in response to fresh U.N. sanctions, which the United States said it would work vigorously to enforce.

Pyongyang also threatened military action if Washington and its allies tried to isolate it.

Anyone think they are bluffing?

Here's something to chew on... Will North Korea start WWIII before the Mayan Doomsday Prophecy comes?
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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Oh my aching guts

Last weekend I had a trip to the ER with what turned out to be an infection of my large intestine's. It was not fun. I'll spare you any details but just wanted to say I'm back.

More or less.