Sunday, September 13, 2009

Lesbian GI Seeks Asylum in Canada

Lesbian GI Seeks Asylum in Canada September 10, 2009 | Agence France-Presse - "A lesbian who deserted the U.S. military has requested asylum in Canada, claiming she faced harassment and death threats from fellow Soldiers over her sexual orientation, media said Wednesday.

Pvt. Bethany Smith, 21, claimed she had asked the U.S. military for a discharge after being outed by another Soldier who spotted her walking hand in hand with a woman at a mall.

I have no idea what the rules are between the US and Canada but I hope she gets out. The main reason she's running north of the border is that the Army wants to defer her case so they can send her to Afghanistan. However, it also occurred to me that a soldier could fake being gay for the sole purpose of not being deployed to the combat zones.

In the first Gulf War there was a huge increase of pregnancies of which a goodly portion were specifically to get out of combat service. Will we see a new trend of an increase in gay soldiers being discharged?

Just something to ponder.
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Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Queensryche 'Home Again' World Premiere

From's ARMY INSIDER newsletter for the week of 07 September 2009 - "'Home Again,' a song about military homecomings, showcases vocals by lead singer Geoff Tate's daughter Miranda. The video features actual photographs submitted by the audience. The result is very moving."

Whatever your feelings on the justification for the current military actions the US is involved in, we can't put our biasis on the heads of the young men and women serving in the military. They are doing the jobs they must do.
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Sunday, September 06, 2009

Six vanish in Korea flood mystery

Six vanish in Korea flood mystery | "Rescue workers in South Korea are looking for six people believed to have been swept away from a campsite in a mysterious flash flood.

Officials say they are investigating whether the surge came from a new dam in North Korea, further up stream.

Ok, call me paranoid but this sounds fishy to me. And I wouldn't put it past North Korea to do something like this intentionally.
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Happy Birthday, Dad

Today is my Dad's birthday. It has been seven-and-a-half years now since he passed but I still miss him. However, I have so many wonderful memories of and with him so the sadness isn't as monumental as it used to be. The family is going to church today to say a prayer so my son and I are going, too.

He would have been 78 today.

Friday, September 04, 2009

North Korea says in last stage of enriching uranium

North Korea says in last stage of enriching uranium | By Jonathan Thatcher – Fri Sep 4, 7:27 am ET | SEOUL (Reuters) – "North Korea said on Friday it was closer to a second way of making nuclear weapons, a move analysts saw as a new tactic to put pressure on the international community after a month of conciliatory gestures."

Just one more step closer to the coming apocalypse.
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