Saturday, January 16, 2010

AP Exclusive: Network flaw causes scary Web error

AP Exclusive: Network flaw causes scary Web error | By JORDAN ROBERTSON, AP Technology Writer Jordan Robertson, Ap Technology Writer – Sat Jan 16, 11:31 am ET | SAN FRANCISCO – "A Georgia mother and her two daughters logged onto Facebook from mobile phones last weekend and wound up in a startling place: strangers' accounts with full access to troves of private information.

The glitch — the result of a routing problem at the family's wireless carrier, AT&T — revealed a little known security flaw with far reaching implications for everyone on the Internet, not just Facebook users.

I am all over computer technology. It is my vocation and my avocation. After a good day of code hacking I relax by doing more code hacking. It's like play, not work. Being stuck at home 98% of the time I live on the 'Net. Got this blog, am on Facebook, have more email addresses than I can manage. I do shopping and managed bank accounts online.

That being said, there's no way I would ever claim that this computer/Internet stuff is safe. What, you ask? How can I say this after going on about how I live online? Easy. I weigh the risk vs the benefit. I take basic precautions and try to keep the bits and bytes flying around out there on point. I could go all paranoid and lock everything down tighter than a drum. Did that for a while but there is a lot of effort needed for that kind of thing.

Well, it seems I lost my train of thought. Basically, the bottom line of this commentary is that never think you are safe and secure when you're online. Us techies are working to make it better but there's still allot to do.
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