Friday, January 22, 2010

Berlusconi moves to impose Internet regulation

Berlusconi moves to impose Internet regulation By COLLEEN BARRY, AP Business Writer – Fri Jan 22, 2:06 pm ET - MILAN – "Silvio Berlusconi is moving to extend his grip on Italy's media to the freewheeling Internet world of Google and YouTube.

Going beyond other European countries, the premier's government has drafted a decree that would mandate the vetting of videos for pornographic or violent content uploaded by users onto such sites as YouTube, owned by Google, and the France-based Dailymotion, as well as blogs and online newsmedia.

More scary stuff from the world of greedy tyrants. Between the corporations and the governments, the 'Net is going to become unreachable/unusable for 98% of the world population. They want to control it and use it to suck out as much money as they can.

And it looks like they are winning.
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