Thursday, January 28, 2010

Games Blamed for Rickets Upsurge in U.K.

Games Blamed for Rickets Upsurge in U.K. Posted January 22, 2010 by David Radd - "While gaming is often blamed for increased obesity in young people, another childhood disease is being brought up by British doctors: rickets. Times Online is reporting that an article in the British Medical Journal is saying that rickets is becoming “disturbingly common” among British children."

Ok everyone! Stop playing games and spending all day on Facebook or you'll die!

Well, maybe not. Since it's been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that video games do NOT cause violence and suicide we have to find something else to blame them for. You know it couldn't be due to the fact that kids don't eat right and it is easier to have the TV/Computer babysit than make them go out and play.

Yes, I'm being grumpy.
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