Monday, January 11, 2010

Sometimes you just gotta say, what the f...

The other day I was thinking about how much time and energy is wasted by people on things that are irrelevant or inconsequential. The thought came to me while watching a short documentary on gay marriage. It's one example of useless waste. Others are abortion, politics, race, ad nauseum. There are thousands of people who get all bent about one "side" or other on these kind of topics. In the case of gay marriage, it really doesn't make any sense at all. Follow me on this...

- Some gay people want to legally marry.
- Some other people are against the idea.

So what's the primary reason the naysayers have against gay marriage? It's immoral/unnatural.

Yeah. Right.

First off, whose morality is the yardstick for measurement? Most often this is a religious position. Ok, fine. So which religion will be THE religion? Oops! Now we're into another topic where everyone is wasting time fighting over. Ok, so the second reason for the uproar is it's culturally and socially wrong. Now we're into another range of topics that are ultimately indefinable. Whose culture? Which society? "Ours" you say? Who is "us?"

If gay marriage is immoral enough to be legally prohibited, shouldn't adultery also be? How about using the lords name in vane? A $500 fine every time you say "God" or "Jesus" outside of an approved prayer. And premarital sex? Can't legally marry unless you are a virgin on your wedding day. Oh, and oral sex will get you 30 days in jail no matter what kind of relationship you're in. Even if you're married. You see how this just spirals out of control?

If you strip away all the hysterical crap and look at it rationally you'll see that gay marriage is no different than interracial or interfaith marriage. Because of this similarity it will be legalized eventually. It's inevitable. So why are people spending their lives ranting and protesting and petitioning about something that is already a fait accompli? Might as well just bang your head against a wall instead. The truly sad thing is that if all this time and energy were put to constructive uses there would probably be a cure for cancer or something similar. Just a fraction of said effort could solve the economic situation. Hell, world piece wouldn't be inconceivable.

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