Monday, February 01, 2010

Fears Australian piracy case could shut off net

Fears Australian piracy case could shut off net by Madeleine Coorey Madeleine Coorey – Sun Jan 31, 7:07 pm ET | SYDNEY (AFP) – "Australian Internet rights groups fear a piracy court case could force Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to become "copyright cops" and cut web access to customers who make illegal downloads.

The Federal Court is on Thursday expected to hand down its judgement in the case, which has pitted Hollywood and Australian film and television producers against Australia's third-largest Internet provider iiNet.

Don't think this is an important case? Here's a quote from the article which might help put things in perspective.
"We've never seen a company which supplies electricity held responsible for supplying electricity to a house which grows illicit drugs, for example."
If this kind of thing continues there will be no Internet. That is not an exaggeration.
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