Saturday, February 13, 2010

Social Engineering Scammers Offer Live Support

Social Engineering Scammers Offer Live Support By Thomas Claburn | InformationWeek | February 13, 2010 07:00 AM - "Just like legitimate software companies, cyber scammers are experimenting with online services supported by human intelligence.

Symantec reports that those behind the fake antivirus software known as Live PC Care have added a new social engineering element -- live support agents who will try to convince potential victims that their PCs are infected and that payment is the cure.

Is it me or are the bad guys completely smarter than those who claim to try and stop them? No, it's not me. They have always been smarter. That is because the anti-bad guys can't see where the breakdown is. Want to stop viruses? Make Microsoft fix MS Windows and all their other applications. Better still, don't use any of their software. Want to stop identity theft? Make everyone who collects and stores personal and/or financial data use strong encryption and take basic precautions to keep the baddies out.

But this is not likely to happen. Everyone is much more concerned about profits and revenue. Now, I'm all for making a buck. But why can't it be done with less avarice and greed? No one seems to have a clue what the phrase "Do the right thing" means.
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  1. I see Many sites that try make me buy something before they even tell you what it is.Honesty is the best policy when doing business online is possible that you can make a quick buck by cheating people online but if you are honest you can have an Income which is more important