Sunday, March 28, 2010

French Anti-Piracy Law Actually Increases Piracy

French Anti-Piracy Law Actually Increases Piracy
David Murphy - PC Magazine – Sun Mar 28, 7:22 pm ET

"Don't pirate content in France: That's the mantra of the country's High Authority for Copyright Protection and Dissemination of Works on the Internet law (HADOPI 2), but it's not clear that its intended audience has received the message loud and clear.

[N]ew research is indicating that HADOPI's effect on filesharing might not be as pronounced as lawmakers might have hoped, even given the law's tough stance toward online piracy. Ars Technica reports that French researchers at the University of Rennes have found a three-percent increase for online copyright infringement since HADOPI's inception.

Ok, stealing software, or anything for that matter, is wrong. I do my utmost to make sure I and my family do not perpetrate software theft even though I am strongly against the false concept of "Intellectual Property" and the current copyright laws. Just because the laws are bad doesn't give us the right to break them. When the law is bad you change it.

That being said, this article points out how not to go about preventing software piracy. There are far better ways to handle things. Ways that actually work. There is nearly an overabundance of links and information on this subject but I leave it as an exercise for the reader to do their own research. It is better to make up your own mind.
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