Sunday, March 07, 2010

Seven Students Punished in Grade Changing Scheme

Seven Students Punished in Grade Changing Scheme
By TONYA LAFLEUR Updated 10:01 PM EST, Fri, Feb 5, 2010
"At least seven students at Churchill High School in Potomac, Md., will be punished for their roles in a grade-changing scheme.

The Montgomery County state’s attorney has yet to decide if charges will be filed.

Some fun in one of the local school districts. Seems a couple of kids found out some of the teachers passwords and went to town. There's a number of questions about this story that won't be touched on by the media but I'll pose them.
  • How did the kids get the passwords? The teachers probably had them written down somewhere obvious or used any of the most common worst passwords.
  • What kind of security measures were in place in the system itself? I'm guessing nothing more than ID/Passwd access.
  • Did the kids change any of their own grades? I seriously doubt it.
  • Will the teacher training be improved to keep this from happening again? Yeah, right.
If this happened on a network with strong security policies and procedures then I would get these kids into a White Hat program. The odds are, though, that the security of the school system was virtually nonexistent.

That's enough of my ranting for today.

Do these kids need to be punished? Yes.
Should the school and the school district need to be held accountable? Definitely.
Is anyone going to listen to me?

Well, you know that answer to that one.
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