Saturday, April 17, 2010

Monks, govt workers seek life after China quakes

Monks, govt workers seek life after China quakes
By Anita Chang, Associated Press Writer – Thu Apr 16, 5:17 pm ET

JIEGU, China – "Tibetan monks in crimson robes dug through earthquake rubble alongside government rescue workers Friday, a startling image for a Chinese region long strained by suspicion and unrest."
"As the death toll climbed to 1,144, there was tension and some distrust over the government relief effort, with survivors scuffling over limited aid."

How much relief effort will be sent to help these people? The ones hit by this disaster are as poor as anyone in Haiti. My guess is that if any help is sent it will be minimal. Why? Two reasons;

* It is to far away from the public consciousness for people to give a damn.
* The Chinese government is going to try and keep anything "western" out of their country.

Nothing like the spirit of humanity to make the world a better place.
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