Saturday, April 24, 2010

NATO's cyber-brains gaze at the future of war

NATO's cyber-brains gaze at the future of war
by Jonathan Fowler – Sat Apr 24, 11:58 am ET

TALLINN (AFP) – "Behind the walls of a high-security lab, the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation's top cyber-minds are trying to predict the evolution of conflict in an Internet-dependent world.

While they play down disaster-movie scenarios of total meltdown, experts warn cyber-attacks will be part and parcel of future fighting.

There is allot I could say on this subject. While I am no super security guru or military cyberwarrior, I do have some understanding of the digital world and the military. One of the most important tactical things one can do in battle is disrupt or alter the flow of information. If "we" know what "they" are going to do while "they" don't know what "we" are doing the advantage is with "us." Just ask the expert. But this isn't something that is coming. It is already here.

Do you know what the single biggest threat to online security is? Odds are you're using it right now to read this post.
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