Saturday, April 03, 2010

You know you're a parent of a teen when...

From Parenting Teens on
You know you're a parent of a teen when...
  • When you've finally got some freedom - and then the kids take your car.
  • A day or two after grocery shopping and all the ready to eat foods/snacks are missing. Oh, and the gallon of milk gone in less than 24 hours because someone decided to eat a whole box of cereal!
  • You understand why some animals eat their young at birth.
Ah, the teen years. What fun.

But, you know, I still remember what it felt like1 to be a teen. The question is which is harder, to be a teen or the parent of a teen? Honestly, I think it is the former.

[1] I can't, however, remember being a teen. That was just SO long ago.
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