Saturday, May 08, 2010

Oil Rig Explosion Conspiracy Theory

I am not a conspiracy nut. I don't ascribe to the idea that complex and intricate conspiracies are better explanations than a simple, straightforward reason. The CIA did not kill JFK, the US Military did not shoot down TWA Flight 800 and 'W' didn't have the towers destroyed by a demolition team just to start the Gulf War version two. However, if I were inclined to think such things, I might be tempted to think that the oil rig explosion and subsequent oil slick were done intentionally. How so? Glad you asked.

Recently there's been a catch phrase popping up here and there. "Drill baby, drill!" The idea being that if the companies start drilling for oil in and around the continental US, the country wouldn't be so dependent on foreign oil imports. Recently, President Obama agreed with the idea. Well, not three weeks later, there's an explosion on an oil rig in the gulf of Mexico. It is the worst oil disaster in US history, if hot the world.

Coincidence? Maybe. But let's look at it with the paranoid eye of a conspiracy.

What would it mean if the US started pumping its own oil? First, the Venezuelans, Mexicans and Canadians would start losing massive amounts of money. What? You didn't know that the US gets 43.9% of its oil imports from there? You thought it came from the Middle East, which accounts for only 14.3% of imports? Interesting. Anyway, there would be a major shift in the flow of oil money. The big, multinational oil companies wouldn't like that. Not at all. So they would be less than upset if "something" happened to kill "Drill baby, drill." Not to mention that the price of crude will eventually have to raise as a result of this spill.

Then there are the "climate change" forces. Since all their "science" as been proven wrong, they need something to use in order to keep their multi-quadrillion dollar scam going. While the oil spill can't be directly tied to their Chicken Little cries, it doesn't take a genius to say that if the world didn't use oil, which is the cause of all the carbon badness, the spill wouldn't have happened. Plus, they can always use anything that threatens the ecological balance of the planet as grist for their mill. Thus, as with the oil companies, they want to stop, not only the coast drilling, but all drilling. This disaster will go a long way towards giving them stronger support.

There are more ideas for conspiracies but these two are enough for now.

So what can we make of them? I can see more people agreeing with the first scenario. After all, we know that the big companies are so greedy they would do anything to make more money. Goldman Sachs was more than happy to see the economy crumble and people go homeless if it increased their profits. But I think this is the lesser likely plot. I feel it is more like the kind of thing fanatics would do. And when it comes to the fanaticism of the "climate change" people, Al Qaeda has nothing on them. They would not think twice about causing billions of dollars in damage and even threatening the lives of millions of people to get what they want.

But I doubt that the climate/ecology theory will gain anywhere near the followers as the oil company theory. That's because the former have positioned themselves as the Good Guys® while everyone knows that the oil companies are evil. The trouble with that is they are both evil. Neither of them is concerned about anything but their own agendas of power and money.

There you go. Two grand conspiracies for you to mull over. I do want to make it clear that I am not subscribing to either of these ideas. The oil rig exploded due to negligence, mistakes and lots of gas. Real conspiracies only work if the number of conspirators is kept to a small handful. The more people involved, the less likely it will actually happen. But sometimes it is a fun mental exercise to let your mind wander down the path of wild, irrational speculation.

Side note: Yes, that is really how I feel about the climate idiots. But that is not to say I am against ecological responsibility. While they are running around yelling about carbon footprints, I am doing what I can to try and clean up the garbage. It is not climate change that's threatening the world. It is pollution. Iron Eyes Cody was write all along.
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  1. Headlines on or around earthday ...coal mine explosion, oil rig explosion....and a beached whale dies, found with trash in it's stomach. If we're going to play with conspiracy theories I'd blame it on al gore and the green movement

  2. Well, that 's one opinion and I'm not sure what side I come down on, maybe I do. I'm not an conspiracy theory guy. I don't think any conspiracies are going on, just a few people that don't or do agree with me. Good post, Joe Klemmer. Now tell me, what the heck is facebook good for?

  3. Heh, FB is good for finding old friends and classmates. It has a better facility for communication than Twitter but the "Farmville" cancer and idiotic (lack of) privacy rules don't make it ideal for more than light interaction.

    That said, it is good for getting Betty White to host SNL. :-)