Friday, June 18, 2010


Is it a coincidence that before my latest post about gay marriage there were about 23 people following this blog yet after the post there's only 14?  I can't tell since the numbers are so low.  However, it is not a significant turn of events.  When I started blogging on Kuro5hin back in the late 90's it was only intended to be for my own personal enjoyment. The continuation of this through onto Blogger is still primarily for me.  So it is always a bit of a surprise when there are more than two people reading my rantings.

This last ranting, though, did get a little toasty.  I try and keep from going ballistic in my commentary but sometimes it just won't stay in.  I get the feeling that some who read my previous post might think I am anti-God or anti-Religion.  I'm not, really.  I might be a little disheartened by the dogma of religions but I am not against them, not the people who worship through them.

The fact remains, though, that the fundamental basis for all the major religions is: God is love; God is joy; God is peace; God is fairness.  The significant aspect of this is this: God is not hate; God is not pain; God is not anger; God is not bigotry.  This is why God does not have a problem with gay marriage.  It is also why I stated that the prince of lies is leading the anti-gay marriage crusade.  This crusade is, at its heart, filled with anger, bigotry and hate.  It is also very much like another crusade that is going on in the world today.

Any true follower of Islam will tell you that God is love, good, peace & fairness.  The Muslim religion teaches the same fundamental things that the Christian and Jewish religions do.  They are, after all, siblings.  Yet there is a group of Muslims that preach hate and death.  They claim that God has decreed the death of all who aren't of this group.  While this is slightly more extreme in its reaction, the same thoughts and forces are behind this Jihad as behind the no gay marriage; anger hate and bigotry.

Do you honestly think God is calling for the death of men, women and children?  Do you think God is calling for the segregation of any race?  Do you think that God is calling for the subjugation of women and children by men?  Do you think God is calling for the marginalization of homosexuals?

The answer to one of these questions is the answer to them all.  If you say "Yes" to any one of them then you say "Yes" to all of them.  To do otherwise would be the same thing as picking and choosing which of the Ten Commandments you wanted to follow and which to ignore.  At least for you Christians, that is.  Can you see what I am trying to say?

God is love.  Love is yes.  The answer to any question, should there be love, must always be yes.

And that is the true bottom line.  So it doesn't matter how many (or if any) people read this blog.  I am still going to post my rantings.

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